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Local Energy Hubs

Australia is on the cusp of an incredible energy shift, that will create thousands of jobs in renewable energy, revitalise regional economies and cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s absolutely essential that regional communities are at the centre of this energy and economic shift. 

And we need a plan to make that happen. That's why we're calling on the Federal Government to fund Local Energy Hubs.

Regional communities need accurate information and opportunities to be involved with local renewable energy projects, transmission projects, how to electrify their homes and businesses, and more.

A network of 50 Local Energy Hubs could provide this information and support by employing trusted, local people.

Outreach officers and experts in all aspects of the energy shift would be housed at these hubs, ready to answer questions and assist locals whether they'd like to buy a home battery, an electric vehicle, or help set up a community-owned renewable energy or battery project.

Local Energy Hubs will help our regions get on the front foot to leverage opportunities for the long term. 

This joint campaign is being run in coalition with our friends at the Community Power Agency, Yes2Renewables and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

By signing on, you will join a network of champions for our regions who want to see the renewable energy shift deliver more for our communities.

A local energy what now?

As we switch to renewables, we need to make sure that our energy system works for people and our climate. 

Local Energy Hubs are a proposed network of 50 independent, government-funded service centres in regional areas, enabling locals to participate more actively in and benefit from the clean energy shift underway.

It will do this by being a trusted local hub for information, support and coordination, actively building the trust and practical collaboration required for the clean energy shift. Local Energy Hubs will become a long term Government initiative for regional Australia alongside Landcare and Regional Development Australia.

What would an average Local Energy Hub look like?

  • A physical service centre, staffed by well-networked, respected local people, who are independent from industry. Their role is to demystify the energy transition, bolster local engagement in key projects, and independently facilitate constructive interactions between energy developers and the community.
  • The hubs deliver programs that are sensitive to local context, supporting agriculture to develop decarbonisation strategies, supporting community-led energy projects and improving energy literacy to help households and businesses reduce their energy bills.
  • They are supported by a national coordinating body to enable knowledge sharing, collaboration and coordination between hubs, and provide technical support.

What are the benefits of Local Energy Hubs?

  • Access to grants and subsidies to electrify regional homes, schools and workplaces
  • Energy efficiency advice to all parts of the community so everyone can enjoy the benefits that renewable energy brings
  • The provision of clear plans and sound information about large-scale renewable energy development in our regions
  • Advice for agricultural businesses looking to electrify and decarbonise
  • Help to get off expensive diesel in remote areas

What will Local Energy Hubs cost? 

To fully fund a national network of 50 Local Energy Hubs and their coordinating body, Energy Hubs Australia, at the scale required to make a material difference in the lives of regional communities, we estimate the Federal Government will need to invest at least $150 million annually for 10-15 years. This is the resourcing required to have several staff in each Hub with funds for grant programs and engagement activities.

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