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Nundle and Hanging Rock consider wind farm proposal

Can a historic town remain historic if it hosts a wind farm? And if a town has a historic past does that mean the town is nothing else besides historic? Is history enough to give a town an economic future?

These are some of the questions getting a work out right now in the small towns of Nundle and Hanging Rock, just south of Tamworth.

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Jay Weatherill’s lesson in leadership

"The decision to transition our state to renewable energy and address the issue of climate change was made by my predecessor, Mike Rann.  What I'll take credit for is not running away when the going got tough.”

Former South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, gave his first public talk on clean energy since leaving office at an event jointly hosted by the Australian Wind Alliance and University of Melbourne’s Energy Transition Hub. Together with his interlocutor on the night, noted environment and clean energy journalist, Adam Morton, Mr Weatherill attracted a packed crowd of around 400 people.

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Wind brings out the sun for Portland District Health

Not many Australians can say they’ve seen first-hand what worsening climate change looks like.  When she was overseeing health services on low-lying Saibai Island, one of Australia’s Torres Strait Islands, Christine Giles saw with her own eyes as king tides engulfed houses and lapped around people’s feet.

“It’s insidious, eating everything. There’s just sea all around the houses. It’s very devastating for these communities,” recalled Ms Giles.

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Helping country kids get to Uni

Wind Farm Open Day

Ahead of Wind Farm Open Day, I chatted with wind farm landholder, Peter Coy, about the tertiary education scholarship his family is establishing with the support of the Salt Creek Wind Farm.


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Come for the wind, stay for the community

Wind Farm Open Day

Ahead of Wind Farm Open Day, I caught up with Tarago local, Gill Shepherd, to learn about what makes the town tick, and what’s it been like living near the Woodlawn Wind Farm.


When Gill Shepherd was looking for a place she could live and run her horses, she went looking for a place that had plenty of wind. Looking for a change from suburban Canberra, she and her husband found Tarago, a small locality of 600 people, 70 kilometres to the north. Tarago is also one of the closest towns to the Woodlawn and Capital Wind Farms that run along the eastern edge of Weereewa, or Lake George.

“I came for the wind”, says Gill. “I have a theory that the wind blows the respiratory viruses away from the horses and keeps them healthy. That’s why the racehorses do so well at a place like the Lambourn Downs in England. We’ve got plenty of wind here too.”

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Wind Farms open their gates to the public

There are nearly 100 wind farms across Australia, generating clean energy for Australian businesses and households and strengthening the social and economic fabric of regional Australia.

But have you ever seen a wind turbine up close?

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Wind farm report way overblown

Leaked excerpts of a report are being used to pressure the South Gippsland Shire Council in their deliberations on a nuisance claim by neighbours of the Bald Hills Wind Farm.

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States stand strong on energy policy

While the National Energy Guarantee, or NEG, wasn't killed off at today's COAG meeting, State and Territory governments, led by Victorian Energy Minister, Lily D'Ambrosio, have laid down three deal breakers in their negotiations with the federal government:

  1. emissions reduction targets can only be allowed to increase over time and never go backwards;
  2. future targets will need to be set by regulation;
  3. the targets will need to be set every three years, three years in advance;

A fourth issue around greater transparency of the NEG trading register seems to have been well accepted by the federal government. 

Unless the federal government can assure their COAG partners the NEG will deliver these three things, the future of the NEG is looking dim indeed.

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Barunah Park farmer looking for a boost from the wind

The sweeping plains west of Geelong are perfect for wind farms. With a long agricultural history and swept by strong winds, the area around Rokewood is set to host a large project of up to 228 turbines, and become the next in a long line of regional communities to benefit from hosting wind farms.

Nearly 40 farming families stand to host turbines on their properties in the Golden Plains Wind Farm. One of those families is the Bath family from Barunah Park.

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Getting things done locally: Boco Rock Wind Farm

Nimmitabel Men's Shed

Nimmitabel, home to about 300 people, is the closest township to the Boco Rock Wind Farm in the Monaro region in NSW.

The wind farm began operating in 2014 and pumps an estimated $6.675 million into the local economy each year through employment, utilisation of local businesses and flow effects, payments to landholders and contributions to community enhancement funds.*

Since its establishment, annual community fund grants have been helping realise important local projects. While grants are open to organisations throughout the Monaro region, Nimmitabel residents have used them to improve their own town.

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