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What is Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone and what does it mean for our community? | Webinar recording

This webinar recording is from an information session presented to the Central-West Orana community on 7/09/21.

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It's watt we want: Project EnergyConnect to boost renewables in NSW, SA & VIC

In a massive step in the transition to renewables, the Australian Energy Regulator yesterday approved Project EnergyConnect, a vital 900-kilometre transmission line between South Australia and New South Wales to be built by ElectraNet and TransGrid.

It will be the biggest new transmission network investment in 30 years.

This announcement is a significant win for our climate. People don’t often think about wind and solar power when they see transmission lines, but that's exactly what this massive new project will be transporting. 

One of the biggest challenges we face in the transition to renewables is how to connect all the new sources of energy to the grid over such a vast Australian landscape, and to do it quickly enough to keep up with the demand for clean energy.

EnergyConnect will unlock 1,800 MW of renewable energy generation across Renewable Energy Zones, including approximately 800 MW in SA, 400 MW in NSW and 600 MW in Victoria, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Project EnergyConnect

Regional communities will benefit from the jobs created by the project. The development of this additional renewable energy capacity is expected to unlock some 950 jobs across the region. In addition, up to 1,700 jobs will be created during construction.  

People in NSW and SA will save money once the transmission line is operating. Power bills will rise initially to support the cost of construction, then fall by an estimated $64 in NSW and $100 in SA annually once new renewable projects are connected via the new line.

Construction is set to begin later this year. 

This transmission project is one of a handful of large new power lines identified by the AEMO as key to switching over to renewables. 

We are working with transmission companies, regulators and government agencies to ensure regional communities impacted by this critical build will benefit from the project. 

If you want to discuss project impacts with us, get in touch

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