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Community Benefits Handbook | How Regional Victoria & Tasmania can prosper from the clean energy boom

Renewable energy is here. As Victorian and Tasmanian State Governments move ahead building Renewable Energy Zones, there is no better time for regional communities to plan for what we want the transition to look like for us. 

Our Community Benefits Handbook demonstrates how regional communities are already benefiting from renewables industry investment in their local areas.

This has looked like funding for local community groups, co-investment and co-ownership opportunities, neighbourhood improvement schemes such as road upgrades or tree planting as well as sponsorships for local sporting clubs. 

But that's just the beginning. When there are multiple renewable projects coming together to form a Renewable Energy Zone, it's time for blue-sky thinking about what we want the future of our regions to look like and how the renewables industry coming into town can help achieve this. 

Join this online conversation about how we leverage the renewables boom to revitalise Victorian regions.

We'll hear a presentation by Handbook author Alana West, renewable energy transition expert and Community Engagement Officer for Re-Alliance.

We'll be joined by two speakers from the Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation: Director Debbie Leon, and General Manager of Economic Development Andrew Dimarco.

The Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation recently received funding to build a new solar farm in Gippsland — the FIRST to be wholly owned & operated by an Aboriginal Corporation.

September 28, 2021 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Alana West ·
Hank Van Apeldoorn

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