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The transition to solar and wind can give regional Australian families certainty that there will be jobs and economic growth in their local communities for decades to come. Now is the time to leverage the renewables boom into the best possible outcomes for farmers, landholders and locals.

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Our energy transition presents a big opportunity for young Australians

March 23, 2023

– Toby Thorpe, Community Engagement Manager, Tasmania, RE-Alliance. Our transition to renewable energy presents opportunities to strengthen regional communities across the country, and make them thriving and resilient. But what does the energy transition offer and mean for young regional Australians? I have recently...

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Wind farm team chips in to help RFS volunteers fight Tambaroora fire

March 13, 2023

– Neville Mattick, Community Engagement Manager, Central-West Orana REZ, RE-Alliance. With a fire raging near Tambaroora NSW, the management team of the local Crudine Ridge Wind Farm made a surprise visit to the Hargraves Rural Fire Service (RFS) Station.  The RFS volunteers gratefully welcomed...

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Creating an environmentally regenerative renewables industry

March 09, 2023

Think of your favourite place in nature in Australia. Is it the Great Barrier Reef? Or the Outback? Maybe our tropical rainforests? Whatever your answer is, it’s an example of the scale of biodiversity found in Australia.  In fact, Australia is a megadiverse country:...

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