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Local Energy Hubs for the Hunter – Info session

Here in the Hunter, we know that the shift to renewable energy is underway and that it will bring enormous opportunities to our region.

But right now, many people here and across Australia feel that the government isn't listening to them about their concerns over the rapid speed of change. And while many developers are doing great work, not all of them are engaging in best practice when it comes to community consultation.

How can we ensure that the needs of local communities remain front and centre as we embark on the biggest exercise in regional development in decades?

Local Energy Hubs could help. This network of 50 independent, government-funded bricks and mortar service centres within Renewable Energy Zones would offer people somewhere to come to seek support, information and resources on all things renewable energy – from reducing energy bills, to negotiating community benefits from large-scale projects, to going solar on the farm, at home or at work.

Join us online this Thursday 4 July @ 4pm for an introduction to the campaign being led by RE-Alliance for a national network of Local Energy Hubs for all regions where the shift to renewable energy is underway!

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What would a Local Energy Hub do? It could provide:

  • Access to grants and subsidies to electrify regional homes, schools and workplaces
  • Energy efficiency advice to all parts of the community so everyone can enjoy the benefits that renewable energy brings
  • The provision of clear plans and sound information about large-scale renewable energy development in our regions
  • Advice for agricultural businesses looking to electrify and decarbonise
  • Help to get off expensive diesel in remote areas
July 04, 2024 at 4:00pm - 5pm
Jo Lynch ·

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