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Labor needs to help Australia aim higher on RET

Labor needs to help Australia aim higher on RET

Andrew Bray from the Australian Wind Alliance has said today that he's disappointed Labor is willing to compromise on aspects on the renewable energy target, as reported in the Australian Financial Review today. 

Mr Bray, the spokesman for the Wind Alliance said while it was welcome that Mr Shorten was calling for the publicly ridiculed Warburton Review to be scrapped and maintaining the position for small scale renewables, pushing the target out for large scale renewables was an unnecessary concession that would cost jobs.

Labor does not need to back down from the existing target. The government's own modelling showed that keeping the current target delivered the best result for the consumer.

Labor needs to be saying to Australians we can have more renewable energy, to clean up our power supply and reduce our cost of living. 

"Investor confidence has been smashed by the whole Warburton process - we need strong multi-party support for long term, dependable renewable energy policy.

"That means Labor holding the line against any attacks on the sector.

"There are $4.2 billion of shovel-ready projects across Western Victoria alone that will not go ahead until all parties commit to the keeping the target at current levels.

Farmers need the security provided by wind turbines on their properties. If we keep threatening investment we are undermining people's ability to profit from wind power on their own land", said Mr Bray. 

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