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Queensland landholders to benefit from Australia-first approach to transmission host payments

A new payment scheme for transmission hosts and neighbours in Queensland, announced by Queensland government-owned Powerlink, has been welcomed by community advocacy organisation RE-Alliance. 

Queensland becomes the third state to offer payments to landholders for hosting transmission lines after New South Wales and Victoria. In addition to host payments, Powerlink has taken a novel approach in announcing Australia’s first program to offer payments to neighbours or adjacent landholders.  

Under the program, an independent property valuer employed by Powerlink will carry out a comprehensive evaluation to determine the payment to each landholder. This evaluation will consider both the value of the property and the impact of transmission infrastructure on property use. Such an approach is different from the standard payment per kilometre of transmission that is offered in NSW and Victoria. 

“We have advocated for increased landholder payments because everyone should benefit from the renewable energy transformation, especially communities that host the infrastructure for it,” notes Andrew Bray, National Director of RE-Alliance.

“Renewable developments impact neighbours; neighbour payments have become a standard practice in wind and solar developments. We are pleased to see this approach extending to transmission,” adds Bray.

“By hosting transmission lines, landholders are creating value for all consumers; they are core stakeholders in our clean and reliable renewable energy systems.” 

Bray says, “Proper payment for landholders and neighbours is an important first step. Transmission companies need to listen to and understand the needs of the local community and the environment.” 

This announcement will bring economic benefits to thousands of landholders and their families in Queensland; the transition to renewable energy in the region can deliver long-term benefits for local communities through jobs and economic growth. 


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