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RE-Alliance Response to Labor 43% target: solid foundation, more ambition needed.

Media Release—for Immediate Release 03/12/21

On Friday, the Federal Labor party released a 43% emissions reduction target to take to the next election.

RE-Alliance, a community-based organisation that advocates for stronger regional outcomes from the energy transformation, says this is a step in the right direction, but further ambition is needed. 

National Director Andrew Bray says “we welcome that Labor has finally differentiated themselves from the Coalition by announcing a 43% 2030 target.

“However, it doesn't quite line up with what is needed to meet international obligations and reduce the harm climate change will bring to regional Australia if we don’t act.”

In announcing their policy, Labor leader Anthony Albanese said “Our plan will create 604,000 extra jobs by 2030. Five out of every six will be in regional Australia”. 

The modeling underpinning the policy, conducted by RepuTex Energy shows 64,000 of those will be direct jobs, and the remainder will be indirect jobs. 

Mr Bray says “Labor’s policy backs renewables. It will see new industries supported including renewable hydrogen and a bigger role for manufacturing, such as wind turbine components, supporting new job creation. 

“Regional communities stand to benefit most from investing in a strong renewable energy industry, including from new jobs and lease payments to farmers hosting wind and solar farms.

“Labor has laid down some solid groundwork in this policy. What we need now is to see more ambition, faster emissions reduction and greater investment in a renewable jobs boom that will see regional Australia prosper.”

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