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Victorian landholders to get pay rise for hosting new transmission lines

A new payment scheme for Victorian farmers and landholders hosting transmission lines on their properties has been welcomed by community advocacy organisation, RE-Alliance.

Under the scheme landholders will receive a $200,000 per kilometre payment, paid over 25 years, for all new large-scale transmission lines built on their properties. The payment applies to new transmission lines and will be additional to easement payments made under existing arrangements.

“We’re pleased to see that Victorian landholders will now enjoy the benefits of hosting transmission lines, like their counterparts in NSW,” said Andrew Bray, RE-Alliance National Director.

“We have advocated for increased landholder payments because everyone should benefit from the renewable energy transformation, especially communities that host the infrastructure for it.”

“By hosting transmission lines, landholders are creating value; they are core stakeholders in our clean and reliable renewable energy systems.”

Bray says, “Proper payment for landholders is crucial but it’s not a silver bullet. Transmission companies need to listen to and understand the needs of the local community and the environment.”

This announcement will bring economic benefits to thousands of Victorian landholders and their families; the transition to renewable energy in the region can deliver long-term benefits for local communities through jobs and economic growth. 


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