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Welcome to RE-Alliance


A new brand for the next chapter of the Australian Wind Alliance. 


Today, we launch RE-Alliance, a trusted, independent organisation that sits between regional Australian communities and the renewable energy industry. 

RE-Alliance focuses on connecting people and power. 

Our vision is that the renewable energy transformation in Australia delivers sustainable, long-term community benefits to regional communities.

Over the past 7 years, our work as the Australian Wind Alliance has successfully brought together communities, businesses and individuals who support more wind energy for Australia. Today we are excited to announce that we are expanding our mission to include all renewable energies and re-launching as RE-Alliance. 

Our new, bigger mission will see us work with local communities, government and industry to develop innovative ways for renewables to deliver benefits for regional Australia. RE-Alliance will act as a facilitator in the renewables space, to help ensure a positive and just transition for all.

“We’re here to make sure that when you live in a renewable energy area, you will see tangible community benefits – like high quality jobs and apprenticeships for local people, industry contribution to community initiatives and opportunities for community-ownership of renewables,” said Andrew Bray the National Director of RE-Alliance. 

RE-Alliance’s role as a facilitator is critical for the renewable energy industry too. 

“In 2020, renewable energy projects absolutely need local acceptance and support to be successful. We are the experts in best-practice benefit sharing and community engagement and can act as a facilitator between industry and communities.”

To do this critical work, we need to continue building strong relationships in renewable energy communities. Can you help us spread the word about RE-Alliance by watching and sharing our launch video today?

Click here to watch and share our launch video.

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