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Yass Valley Council ignores proven community benefits of wind

Media Release: Yass Valley Council ignores proven community benefits of wind

The Australian Wind Alliance has expressed disappointment with Yass Valley Council’s decision to vote against the proven economic and social benefits their own residents are deriving from wind power.

Last night Yass Valley Council passed a motion opposing further wind farms in the region - a motion in conflict with their stated position of being “supportive of renewable energy in general”.

The decision, coming on the heels of a previously rescinded motion by the Council to ban wind farms, will be a blow to the many businesses and residents who are already benefiting from wind power - and those who are looking forward to the jobs and investment opportunities clean energy will bring to the region for years to come.

“Wind farms are driving much-needed economic growth in regional communities, and bringing proven social benefits to rural areas like Yass Valley so Council’s motion will be greatly disappointing for local residents,” said Andrew Bray, National Coordinator of the Australian Wind Alliance.

“We’ve been speaking to local business owners today who are stunned at the decision. From what we’ve seen in neighbouring Upper Lachlan Shire, we expect construction of wind projects alone to bring tens of millions of dollars into the region - why would you turn your back on that?

“Wind power is also driving a positive, clean energy future for our children. This motion represents a disappointing step backwards for Yass.”

The Australian Wind Alliance has calculated that Southern Tablelands communities have received more than $1 million in Community Enhancement Funding from wind farm projects to date. There are currently three approved wind farms in the area, which could see an estimated $1 million delivered each year through additional Community Enhancement Funding.

Across regional Australia, wind farm construction has delivered an economic boost of almost $4 billion.

The Australian Wind Alliance estimates $10.5 billion could be delivered to host communities across the 25-year life span of Australia’s existing wind farms and wind farms under construction.

For further detailed information and case studies on the community benefits of wind farms throughout Australia, please visit the Australian Wind Alliance’s website.

For interviews with Andrew Bray from the Australian Wind Alliance, please contact Siobhan Isherwood on 0401 976 251.

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