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I needed optimism

The Australian Wind Alliance recently caught up with the Ballarat based artist, Mairin Briody, to talk about her wind farm inspired paintings. While trying to get her newborn to sleep, Mairin spent time driving around the Mt Mercer and Waubra wind farms and enjoying the calming swish of the blades. It got her thinking...

“I was doing a lot of driving with my newborn trying to get her to sleep and found myself being drawn to wind farms - a good drive for a nap...I’d call them scenes of unbridled optimism...because there’s dozens of them in this field and it just opens up when you get over the final crest.”

“It feels like so often now that we’re just planning for the next election cycle or we’re stagnating with climate policy. I needed optimism....”

"There's people thinking about the future, there's people planning for it...."

Have a look at the video and keep your eye out for more, celebrating the role of wind energy in Victoria. Thanks Mairin for your inspiring art and words.


See more of Mairin Briody's work or insta:


Paintings by Mairin Briody shown

The Earth is not a cold, dark place, 02019

The Long Decay, 02018

The Aura and the Echo, 02018

Electric Prisms #1, 02018



Unicorn Heads  - Digital Memories

Benjamin Tissot - Betterdays (used with certificate #616655)



Sonia Delaunay, Electric Prisms, 1914

Sonia Delaunay and two friends Paris 1924

Thames Embankment 1879  


Filmed at Ballarat and Mount Mercer Wind Farm

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