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New paper highlights importance of community support in transmission planning

RE-Alliance welcomes Nexa Advisory’s Discussion Paper - Removing the Roadblocks to New Transmission to Achieve the Transition. 

The paper shows, while Australia moves on its journey towards decarbonisation, faster approval for transmission projects is required and highlights the risks in failing to find solutions to remove key roadblocks. 

Andrew Bray, RE-Alliance National Director said, “Nexa Advisory’s Discussion Paper makes clear reading for industry and policy makers.”

"Importantly, it highlights that community support and improved landholder payments are critical within this process, with community benefit sharing recognised as a key part of securing social licence for transmission projects. 

“As the paper itself says, the problems are clear and it’s time to work together on solutions - which is a key element of RE-Alliance’s advocacy for Australia’s regional communities.“ 

Nexa Advisory’s full report is available here.

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