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NSW farmers to get pay rise for hosting new transmission lines

A new payment scheme for NSW farmers and landholders hosting transmission lines on their properties has been welcomed by RE-Alliance as a start to reward landholders for their critical part in the energy transformation.

The NSW Government has today announced that landholders will receive a $200,000 per kilometre payment, paid over 20 years, for all new large-scale transmission lines built on their properties. 

This payment, applying to new transmission lines, will be in addition to existing statutory compensation payments made under the Just Terms Act.

“NSW has a number of renewable energy transmission projects in the pipeline that will carry high volumes of clean power across NSW and to neighbouring states” said Andrew Bray, RE-Alliance National Director.

“By hosting transmission lines, landholders are creating value for energy consumers, and it’s important they are treated as core stakeholders and benefit materially for the role they play in our future energy system.”

“Farmers hosting transmission lines on their property will now receive payments more comparable to those hosting a solar farm or wind farm.

The new payment system will only apply across NSW, and RE-Alliance are urging other states to follow quickly.

Bray says “Energy Ministers are set to meet at the end of the week. Following today’s announcement, harmonising payments across state jurisdictions is likely to be on the agenda.

“Some transmission lines cross state borders, and it’s simply untenable to have landholders receiving different amounts on either side. 

“Proper payment for landholders is critical but on its own it won’t be enough. Planning new lines around the needs of local communities, effective and respectful engagement, and making sure local regional communities are treated as the key stakeholders that they are.

“Ensuring farmers and regions are beneficiaries and active participants in the process is essential for a swift and successful transition.”


RE-Alliance is an independent, not-for-profit advocacy organisation working to secure an energy transformation that delivers long-term benefits and prosperity to regional Australia.

Media contact: Andrew Bray, RE-Alliance National Director, 0434 769 463

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