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Residents speak out against government push to cut size of wind farm by a quarter

Media Release: 30th March 2017

A Planning Assessment Commission public meeting on Thursday heard from local residents about the benefits that will be delivered if the Rye Park Wind Farm is approved.

The public meeting follows a recommendation from the NSW Planning Department to slash the number of wind turbines in the project by a quarter, from 109 to 84, because of concerns about how the project will look.

“Many local residents put their hand up to speak at the meeting to ask the PAC to retain the full 109 turbines,” said Andrew Bray, National Coordinator at the Australian Wind Alliance.

“More than $60,000 would be lost from the community enhancement fund if 25 turbines are removed from the project, and many residents want to realise that community investment,” said Mr Bray.

“Among many others, four families from the Rye Park village addressed the PAC on Thursday, to show their support for the wind farm and the benefits it will bring to the area,” said Mr Bray

Dr Robyn Stephenson, a neighbour to the project also spoke at the meeting.

"Given the energy crisis we're facing, the sooner we invest in more green energy, and especially on the east coast, the better,” Dr Stephenson told the Commission.

“We need to consider the very practical position that our modern world needs electricity to remain operational. The Rye Park region can get pretty windy so it's ideal for wind farms,” said Dr Stephenson

Matthew Smith lives in Rye Park and works locally. He supports wind farm projects in the area and will be speaking at the PAC on Thursday.

“I won’t be making any money from the wind farm, but have been a supporter for a long time,” said Mr Smith.

“I actually like the look of wind turbines, and while I think it’s important that everyone has their say, I hope to see this project go ahead,” said Mr Smith.

Media inquiries: Andrew Bray on 0434 769 463

The Australian Wind Alliance is a community-based advocacy group of farmers, wind workers, small businesses and residents. We share a common vision of harnessing Australia’s world-class wind resources to power our homes, cities and industries with clean renewable energy. Go to for details.

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