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Final AEMO report sparks call for energy system overhaul

Media Release: 28th March 2017

An overhaul of the entire energy system is drastically needed with today's AEMO report confirming failures across South Australia during wild storms in September last year.

Australian Wind Alliance national coordinator Andrew Bray said it's well past time for the energy sector to be dealing with the rapid change underway.

"We need to rethink and re-look at our infrastructure as well as the rules that govern the energy market. Both need to be updated.

"Already, wind farms are operating more reliably after simple changes were made to operational procedures in the wake of the blackout. 

"Wind energy is the cheapest source of new electricity generation and is playing a critical role in providing clean and reliable electricity to homes and business."

The AEMO report reiterated that the intermittency of wind power was not a material factor in SA losing power across the state during the wild storms. Climate change is worsening extreme weather, and Mr Bray said our energy system must be able to cope.

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