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Extra tall transmission towers can reduce impact in highly biodiverse areas

– Lu Allan, Advocacy Manager, RE-Alliance.

On the weekend, I went up to visit Lake Morris just outside of Cairns, however I may or may not have become slightly distracted by this tall boy.

This transmission line tower was built especially tall to accommodate the forest underneath.

If you look closely at the landscape photo, you'll see that the next tower along in the distance actually has a landing platform on top so it can be serviced from the air.

Ideally, we don't have transmission lines running through high biodiverse areas like this. 

But where there's no way around it, it's important to get creative and reduce impact as much as possible. This is a much better outcome than having to leave an entire corridor cleared.

The renewable energy transition and action on climate depends on building key new transmission lines in all states. 

This year I'm excited to work alongside folks in the environment movement and the energy sector working towards an environmentally regenerative renewables industry that contributes to the strength of our natural world through good project siting, clever land management and consultation with local environment and First Nations groups.

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