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Victoria ready to catch the wind

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 August 2017

More wind power in Victoria will shield the state from future power price hikes and drive jobs, especially in the regions, the Australian Wind Alliance says.

The Victorian Government has today announced it will legislate a Victorian Renewable Energy Target to have 40 per cent of the state's power come from renewables by 2025.  

 "Victoria has some of the best wind resources in the world. The VRET will make sure Victoria turns strong winds into lower bills,” Australian Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray said.

"The best way to put downward pressure on power prices and increase competition is to bring new renewable supply into the market.

"Wind farms are the cheapest new power plants you can build.

"This target ensures there will sufficient, new renewable energy supply in place to avoid the bill shock we saw when Hazelwood closed.”

"A guaranteed pipeline of work will give Victoria's manufacturing businesses the confidence to invest in new jobs building towers, transformers and cabling for new wind farms. 

"These new projects will be gold for local contractors and content suppliers across regional Victoria. 

"In the absence of clear policy from the federal government, Victoria is making sure it doesn't get left behind.

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