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Finkel crowns wind as cheapest new power then stymies it

Media Release: Friday 9th June 2017

Despite acknowledging that wind power is the cheapest source of new energy, the Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, has prioritised the interests of incumbent coal generators and delayed the introduction of cheaper, cleaner wind power, the Australian Wind Alliance said.

“Extending the life of already out of date coal-fired power stations delays the cost and clean energy benefits that wind is ready to deliver,” said Andrew Bray, National Coordinator of the Australian Wind Alliance.

“The report lets our polluting and out of date coal plants run on, long past their use by dates and long past when they are needed.

The report modelled how a Clean Energy Target would work to achieve a 28% emissions reduction by 2030 but Mr Finkel has explained that the emission reduction trajectory will be decided by politicians.  

“Wind can do so much better than what this report envisages. If we want to make inroads into spiralling power bills, we need more wind added very quickly to the mix because it is the cheapest power available.

“Regulations that require backup for new wind farms are likely to played by incumbent generators to delay competition from new wind.

“Market barriers to wind farms will stop consumers enjoying lower bills sooner.

"There's carrots for new renewables, but there's also plenty of groundwork for a big, anti-renewables stick." 
"Storage and grid management should be incentivised, and carbon pollution should be regulated. Without a much stronger emissions reduction target, this report will end up having it the other way around." 

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