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Submission to National Reconstruction Fund

RE-Alliance thanks the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water for considering our submission in its development of the National Reconstruction Fund.

We applaud the Government for committing to its climate target and allocating generous amounts of funding to support the decarbonisation
of our industries and regions.

RE-Alliance works directly with communities in Renewable Energy Zones and we have a lot to offer on how governments can support the transition to renewables, especially as it relates to the social and economic impact on regional communities.

This submission makes a few broad points about the policies currently in development including some gaps where we think the Federal Government has an opportunity to make an impact for regions in the energy transition. You will also find more detailed responses to a handful of the discussion questions.

Key points:
Urgent housing and infrastructure upgrades are needed in key regions to support the energy transition
● An independent Transition Authority with local chapters in Renewable Energy Zones could coordinate local economic planning on a regional level to ensure regions get the best outcome from public and private investment.
Sector wide planning, led by the Government with input from industry and community stakeholders is needed along with investment to accelerate our transition to a zero carbon future.

Read our full submission.

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