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Submission to the Queensland Consultation on Energy (Renewable Transformation & Jobs) Bill 2023

RE-Alliance welcomes the opportunity to make a submission on the draft Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023. We are pleased to see the bill addressing factors to achieving Queensland's renewable energy generation targets of 50% by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

Informed by our experience working with and advocating for those rural and regional communities facing the greatest impacts from the energy transition, our recommendations are designed to improve involvement by and outcomes for communities. 

Broadly summarised, we recommended that the final Bill and related activities:

  • Place communities at the centre of Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) planning and delivery using codesign and collaborative processes. 
  • Strengthen and expand community awareness and outreach throughout the state.
  • Incorporate detailed strategic land use assessments for each REZ.
  • Incorporate cumulative impact assessment (social, cultural, economic, and environmental) processes in REZ management planning, delivery and operation.
  • Extend the remit of the Renewable Energy Jobs Advocate to include engagement with community members and advocacy groups.
  • Increase requirements for early, comprehensive, and ongoing community engagement by all entities involved in the planning, development, delivery and operation of energy infrastructure.

Our full submission can be found here.

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