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Ensuring the expanded Capacity Investment Scheme delivers for host regions

RE-Alliance and Community Power Agency co-authored a submission to the Government on the expanded Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS). The CIS will bring forward government support for 23 GW of new renewable energy generation and 9 GW of storage to secure net zero targets and create energy reliability. Australia needs these projects to be done well and be supported by host communities.

This key mechanism should be designed to encourage and incentivise good projects, doing good community engagement, with good environmental plans with good local content outcomes. We want to see Government funds being awarded to projects that are in a ‘race to the top’ of better practice renewables development.

Support from communities that host CIS projects is critical to the scheme’s success, and the wider energy transition. For this to occur, the CIS tender design needs stronger reference to social factors, stronger social assessment processes and clear criteria that select for projects with excellent social practice and impact.

Read our full submission for more detail on what needs to be changed in the CIS design.

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