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Have your say on Queensland’s Wind Farm framework

Proposed updates to the Queensland ‘State Code 23’ for Wind Farms are open for feedback until 4 September, 2023.

The Wind Code is a crucial component of project assessment and approvals for wind projects in Queensland. It sets requirements for project developments in the areas of environment and nature, land and civil works, road transport, construction, workforce accommodation and public engagement and complaints handling. Potential wind project developers would be required to address all areas on the Wind Code in the plans they submit for assessment and approvals.

A robust Wind Code, that is built on the needs and expectations of local communities will set Queensland on the path to doing renewable energy generation well - delivering social, economic and environmental good. This will also put Queensland in the position to reach its renewable energy targets - 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2035. 

Your participation is important to ensure the Wind Code delivers on the needs of your community. Public consultation on the updates to the Wind Code are open until 4 September via the engage Queensland website. Have your say here.

Our initial assessment

The updates to the Code make positive steps in the following areas:

  • There is improved clarity about what is required to be provided for assessment to the State Assessment and Referral Agency (the Planning Authority).
  • There is more clarity about information requirements for environmental outcomes.
  • There is more clarity about workforce accommodation requirements for assessment.

There is opportunity for improvement in key areas:

  • Early, ongoing and transparent project information provision
  • Social, land and environmental impact assessments
  • Community engagement plans
  • Clearer explanation on how the Wind Code interacts with the new Renewable Energy and Jobs legislation and Renewable Energy Zone management plans.

Read more in our official submission response.

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