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NSW Infrastructure Contributions Sub

December 10, 2021

Submission to DPIE Infrastructure Contributions: Proposed Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Regulation 2021  Read full PDF 10th December 2021 Summary: RE-Alliance broadly supports the “move towards a principles-based infrastructure contributions system based...

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Back to the future?

November 26, 2021

On 12 November 2021, consultation quietly closed on the NSW Government’s Network Infrastructure Projects (Part 5 of the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020) Policy Paper. An uninspiring name for what may contain solutions to...

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Submission on qREZ Local Benefits

September 21, 2021

Full PDF here. Introduction RE-Alliance congratulates the Queensland Government on its Local Benefits in Queensland Renewable Energy Zones Community Consultation Paper. We commend the government for focussing its efforts on the four local benefit...

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Welcome to RE-Alliance

December 08, 2020

A new brand for the next chapter of the Australian Wind Alliance.    Today, we launch RE-Alliance, a trusted, independent organisation that sits between regional Australian communities and the renewable energy industry.  RE-Alliance focuses...

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Submission - ESB REZ Planning rule change

September 08, 2020

Renewable Energy Zones Planning Discussion Paper Responding to 8 September 2020 About Australian Wind Alliance The Australian Wind Alliance (AWA) is a community based organisation of around 500 financial members, with an extensive online...

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